Trinity Lutheran Church
Thursday, July 02, 2015

Living Your Strengths

Are you in the Role that Fits Your Soul?
We are fed the idea in our culture that to be acceptable we need to be well-rounded.  Though that is the prevailing notion, a closer look shows how untrue it actually is.  People who are really effective and really excited about life are generally those who have discovered what they do best and have found great ways to do it.  That is the idea of the Living Your Strengths journey.
The Living Your Strengths process has been full of insights and done amazing things in the lives of those who have participated.  Here are some comments:
  • I realize that I don’t have to make excuses about “doing things the way I do.”  I’m not being “quirky.”  My habits are merely a manifestation of my strengths.
  • I think I am more tolerant of differences now!  I also am looking more closely at others strengths than focusing on their weaknesses - in my marriage, in my co-workers, and in my friends.  I will definitely be pointing out strengths to my grandchildren as we meet and they have concerns or problems.  We will address them on the strengths level instead of trying to "do more and do better"!
  • I am much more aware of my work in a public school being a ministry of outreach.  I am conscious of using my strengths as well as being conscious of why some of my tasks are "painful" - not fitting with my strengths.  I feel more fulfilled in my work because it is such a good fit and use of my strengths too.
  • I would encourage someone to explore their own strengths to find out where they "fit" in kingdom ministry.  It's so much more fulfilling to use our time in keeping with how we are "wired."  It's a more efficient use of time as well. 
  • This class was a great "visual" for me to see how we are all so different but also complement each other as well.
Living Your Strengths is...
• different from anything most people have ever done at a church so far
• very practical, and applies to work life, personal life, and family life
• very good at connecting the participants together, more than most group experiences
• helpful in terms of sorting out things in the past but also in preparing an individual for the future
• fascinating—it teaches participants a lot about themselves, others, and people in general
• a good spiritual boost
• great for people in transition since it provides real direction for next steps
• potentially able to significantly strengthen Trinity as a congregation
Living Your Strengths is a journey that guides us in identifying our innate strengths and talents and in using them to live fulfilling lives. 
Identifying and using your God given unique strengths will determine the fulfillment you find in your workplace, how you approach a challenge, relate to others, and provide the foundation on which you can excel and fulfill God's purpose for your life. For more information, contact at 586.463.2921 x103

LIVING Your STRENGTHS Journey – You are at your best when you do what you naturally do best. One of the Engaged Church survey items was In my church, I regularly have opportunities to do what I do best.   The Living Your Strengths Journey will help you see yourself and the talents God has put into your life more clearly. The Living Your Strengths Journey is also a good opportunity to connect what you do best with a ministry at or through Trinity as you are available.  This 7 week class is offered frequently throughout the year.  Check the weekly Announcer or e-mail for current information.  Book cost: $15… Great Start Parenting Coalition of Macomb County provides the book at NO COST to parents living in Macomb County with a child 12 or under living at home.  Those completing the class will also receive Strengths Based Leadership.  
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